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A handful of doodles from when I was trying get a handle on morgana
Does kayle have those pointed ears? Or are they linked to the exilement?

The relationship between Kayle and Morgana fascinates me so you might see more of this >3

The solution

Comic #10 (?) Twitch asking the real questions


Sweet crimson bliss


Sketch and sketch plus attempted effects

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A baby chinchilla

why is this the first time I’ve seen a baby chinchilla

Because the world wasn’t ready for the sheer cuteness.

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now’s the perfect time to shamelessly plug sewer-life, the Twitch-centered world building side blog I’m going to be working on from here on out to have a place where you can find just the Twitchness and any relevant posts concerning him! (possibly rp/asks in the future) It’s still getting a theme done and pages and everything worked out, but I’m hoping to start posting regularly soon :>

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whenever i go invisible with this rat i make those fucking noises. dundunDunDunDUNDUN DUNDUN.


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Sketch and sketch plus attempted effects