What’s that smell?


Daily bath~


Late night doodles revisited

Anonymous asked: Note to the author of the blog: The new theme has a few kinks. Mostly I can't find the forward/back buttons readily, and the Home/Archive/Ask/Theme buttons are just black bars. Alsoyourtwitchdrawingsarealwaysbawsdankeformakingthem<333333

woah thanks for letting me know! I fixed the bars, you can now see the text! (woah, magic)

Also, I turned off infinite scroll which I’m assuming was causing the lack of directional buttoons. 

Bitte ;*

coyoten asked: hey there, what happened to the Doctor Twitch piece?

Did something happen to him? I’m not aware that I changed anything


Now that the weather is getting colder


Quick updated twitch ref. Didn’t draw the gun in, ops, get to that later

Might fix the slouch later too eep