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Starting the colors on her ;*

an-anxious-misconception replied to your post: vynellus said:The summoner name w…

hehheuheuhe gomen gomen, i took your name s:

waitwaitwai-THIS REALLY YOU

vynellus says: The summoner name was indeed Mediocre Twitch.

lolking’d that shit and…

omg I’m in love. 

vynellus says: We lost, there was a Twitch on the other team.. who happened to have your name.

….wait what

vynellus says: Fucking hour and 20 minute games though...

I hope you won friend 

This was the uh, original.
Doctor twitch hahah

Mayor Onion all ready for Fall *3*
she is wearing: beret, silver fishing rod, prep school uniform, colorful socks, black loafers, and bandages ^__^
(Rockin that accidental orange bowl cut if I say so myself)

This my favorite ID photo

Trick question
Always draven

Anonymous says: when i can get my account back monday can i add you!? i played against you earlier with some friends and i wanna support you really bad :< you seem like so much fun to play with ;;w;;

I wish I could reply privately but you’re on anon *=*
As of right now I’m only playing with close friends, perhaps in the future ;*